Careers in Demand









Whether you’re seeking temporary, part-time or permanent employment, there are hundreds of jobs within the Battle River region needing to be filled.

There are many careers available in the Battle River region, but jobs that fall within the Trades, Transport and Equipment Operator group rank the highest. According to research into anticipated employment growth rates, the following occupational groups* rate highest for the region:

  • Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators, and Related
  • Business, Finance and Administrative
  • Sales and Service Occupations
  • Unique to the Primary Industry (Oil and Gas)
  • Management

Some of the careers* in the highest demand in the Battle River region (outside the primary Oil & Gas industry) include:

  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Cooks, Attendants, and Kitchen Helpers
  • Motor vehicle and transit drivers
  • Metal forming, shaping and erecting trades
  • Managers in retail trade
  • Finance and insurance administrative/clerks
  • Clerical and general office skills
  • Recording, scheduling and distributing
  • Teaching and educational service/support
  • Retail sales
  • Childcare and home support
  • Cleaners
  • Electrical trades and telecommunications
  • Machinery and transportation equipment mechanics
  • Automotive service technicians

*Based on forecasted employment growth and current job vacancy rates. Data is subject to change over time.

Use the Alberta Government’s Occupational Profiles tool to get more details on the above and other careers including duties, working conditions, educational requirements, employment outlook and salary ranges.

For a complete list of all available positions within the Battle River region, contact your local Alberta Works employment centre, or visit the Job Search Tools section for additional search options.

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