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There are several tools available to ensure you are attracting and retaining the most qualified candidates. For more details on hiring outside of Canada, visit our Hiring Foreign Workers section.

Employer Toolkit

To help simplify and organize your information search, below is a comprehensive Employer Toolkit to help you inform, attract, develop and retain employees. This Toolkit contains a comprehensive listing of the information and services available to you.

  • Inform – Contains information such as occupational supply and demand data, industry profiles, and labour market statistics.
  • Attract – Focuces on bringing new employees into the Alberta labour force, including resources on topics such as recruitment strategies, immigration and information directed at tapping into underutilized labour market groups.
    • Labour Market Recruitment Tool Identify the best locations in Ontario, Quebec and the United States from which to recruit for particular in-demand occupations within the oil and gas, construction and engineering sectors.
  • Develop – Concentrates on ways to enhance and upgrade the skills of your current employees, including information such as available educational and apprenticeship programs.
  • Retain – Provides strategies and methods to help keep your current workers engaged, satisfied and willing to stay.

Employment Best Practices and Standards

For employment best practices and standards, or skills, training, and labour market information, review the following websites:

Other Business Tools

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