About Battle River Region

The Battle River region is centrally located in Alberta and is an excellent place to invest, work and raise a family. Residents and business owners are proud to call our region their home, and new investment opportunities are always on the horizon. So much so, that the City of Camrose, our largest centre, ranks 11th in Alberta as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Cities (Canadian Federation of Independent Business).

The Battle River region in eastern Alberta covers an area of 26,298 square kilometers, which accounts for 4.1% of Alberta’s land mass and for 1.9% of Alberta’s population.

Our economy is diverse and growing thanks to our competitive advantages. Our highly educated workforce, stable infrastructure, low costs of doing business, abundance of land, and reasonably priced housing make our region appealing to investors, employers and job seekers, and not to mention visitors looking to put down roots.

The Battle River region has a thriving economy with several stable and growing industries.  Opportunities for new business or expansion lie primarily in energy (petroleum) or oil and gas related services, value-added agriculture, and manufacturing. Other industries of importance to the region include our defense and tourism sectors. Many current or planned projects across various industries are happening in the region.

Communities in the Battle River region enjoy a high quality of life. Albertans enjoy the lowest personal taxes in Canada and a single rate tax system, including the highest basic and spousal exemptions in the country. The Battle River region has safe communities with modern infrastructure including health care, protective and emergency services, utilities, and transportation. The region also offers residents and visitors access to a wide variety of tourism attractions and recreational opportunities that are just waiting to be explored.

For more on the Battle River region, visit our Investing Here, Working Here and Living Here sections to make you decision to join our region an easy one; “You’d love to live here to”.

Also, view our interactive Region Map for a birds eye view of our community and business members and our major transportation routes.

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