Company Profiles

East Bruce Manufacturing

East Bruce Manufacturing is located in Beaver County in close proximity to Viking, Alberta. This business focuses on manufacturing of horse drawn wagons, buggies and carts as well as their livestock management enclosure the “Quad Roper” Calf Catcher and other products for industrial and farm use. They offer custom design services to assist customers in meeting specialized needs.

Davco Welding Ltd

Davco Welding Ltd has its head office and fabrication shop in Wainwright with a branch office in Lloydminster. Since it began operations in 1982, Davco has operated in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Company provides specialized services that include; oilfield construction, maintenance and heavy lifting. A major focus of the company is to serve the oil and gas industry.  Davco prides itself as a leader in the industry and demonstrates on an ongoing basis its commitment to staff and community.

Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

Meridian Manufacturing Inc.’s Camrose facility is a major employer and contributor to the city’s economy. The facility manufactures a number of products specifically designed to meet the storage and handling needs of Agricultural, Industrial and Oil & Gas industries. In 1997 the company moved into its new manufacturing complex and office facilities in Camrose to accommodate the continuing demand for hoppered bins for agricultural as well as commercial bulk storage. Meridian is proud to offer the most comprehensive line of premier storage and handling products available on the market.

Hoyme Manufacturing Inc.

Hoyme Manufacturing Inc. has operated its’ manufacturing facility in Camrose since 1984. Since first opening the company has developed and manufactured a wide range of energy efficient motorized air control dampers and devices for residential and industrial heating and cooling systems.  Another of the company’s innovative products includes their Furnace Fan Generated Air Exchangers. Hoyme is a supplier to the HVAC industry in both Canada and the United States.

PlasmaTrax Manufacturing

PlasmaTrax Manufacturing, located in Camrose, specializes in manufacturing functional and decorative fire pits to meet a wide range of customer needs and budgets. Their Custom Steel Fire Pits can also be designed to meet specific customer needs. Features include heavier gauge steel than and models that are portable allowing for use in a variety of locations. PlasmaTrax ships to customers in Canada and the United States.

T & E Pumps Ltd.

T & E Pumps Ltd., located in Special Area #4, specializes in the manufacturing and installation of positive displacement pumps designed for commercial and industrial uses in oilfield applications. Other products and services include oilers, skid units and installs in a number of oil and gas related service applications. T & E Pumps focus on using recyclable components in all of their products.  Their shop facilities are well equipped to ensure customized installation to meet their customer’s unique needs.

SK Welding Ltd.

SK Welding Ltd., located in Coronation, Alberta and Coleville, Saskatchewan, is focused on providing its customers in the oilfield a group of high quality services including plant expansions, plant/lease development and expansions, facility repairs and construction as well as pipelining. Since its inception 13 years ago, SK has evolved into a leader in the oilfield services and fabrication industry as well as the role it plays in supporting its community. SK Welding places a high level of emphasis on ensuring quality services meeting or exceeding all standards demanded in the oil and gas industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as ensuring a safe work place for its employees.

League Pipeline Services Ltd.

League Pipeline Services Ltd. has recently established a fabrication and service facility in Coronation. The company is a full service supplier to the oil and gas industry providing pipeline construction services, facilities construction and installation and maintenance services. League Pipeline also provides oilfield maintenance and integrity services. All of its services meet all of the quality and safety standards demanded by its customers. The company’s head office is located in Brooks, Alberta.

Ribstone Creek Brewery

Ribstone Creek Brewery is a locally owned craft brewery located in the Village of Edgerton, Alberta. The owners of Ribstone have crafted a unique offering that continues to gain new markets in an every growing number of outlets and food establishments throughout Alberta. To keep up with this demand Ribstone has doubled its production capabilities since first opening its doors and continues to craft recipes for new offerings in the future.

The Tankstore Ltd.

The Tankstore Ltd. is a privately owned company that is located in Halkirk, Alberta where it manufactures a broad range of tanks for industrial and oilfield applications. Specialized products for the oilfield include containment tanks, emission stabilizers and heating systems. Tankstore is an ABSA Code Shop manufacturing a variety of pressure vessels. The company’s facility in Halkirk has been a mainstay in the region since 2001 and very much takes pride in their products and their ongoing support for the community.

Bunge Canada’s Wainwright

Bunge Canada’s Wainwright facility is one of three Bunge plants located in Alberta and its plant is designed to process agricultural oils for human consumption. Product from this plant is shipped to many locations throughout Canada and beyond. The plant has been located in Wainwright for over 30 decades and is able to extend full time year round employment opportunities for their staff. Bunge North America has plants located in numerous locations throughout the US and Canada.

Pro-Strata Enterprises

Pro-Strata Enterprises has been located in Wainwright for over 20 years manufacturing cabinets for home and commercial applications. This privately held company serves a large geographic region in East Central Alberta, designing and building cabinets for individual customer needs. Pro-Strata Enterprises also sells and installs wood and gas fireplaces and stoves.

Kinsella Plastics

Kinsella Plastics is a privately owned company located within Beaver County in the Hamlet of Kinsella. The company manufacturers commercial grade plastic tanks, secondary containment trays and enclosures for industrial and agricultural users including the oil and gas industry. Many of their products are available for immediate delivery or customized to meet customer needs.

Allied Flux Reclaiming Ltd.

Allied Flux Reclaiming Ltd. brings over 50 years experience to their new facility in Tofield. They specialize in reclaiming flux from commercial manufacturing processes resulting in a product to be used by manufacturers of vessels, hard surfacing and structural steel and tanks.  Their product is approved for use by the latest editions of ASME, CSA, AWS and CWB standards.

Global Fusion Coatings Inc.

Global Fusion Coatings Inc. has two locations in Alberta including their Wainwright facility. The company specializes in applying corrosion-resistant coating to the internals of pipe spooling used in the oil, gas and water works industries.

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