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Business expanding internationally can apply to CanExport SMEs


This funding program is designed to promote and enhance Canada’s trade diversification efforts. It offers grants and contributions to Canadian companies to help them prepare for and establish a presence in international markets where they currently have little or no sales. The program focuses on export marketing activities of existing products and services in foreign markets. Activities designed to attract investment or related to a company’s day to day operations in Canada are ineligible. Activities related to the development, production and distribution of new products and services are also ineligible.

CanExport SMEs supports exploratory activities as well as activities that contribute toward a longer-term strategy for internationalization. Companies may opt for a multi-year project, or submit a new application to build upon a previous project. Including up to 5 international markets helps companies accelerate their growth and pursue a regional expansion strategy. The choice of 7 activity categories allows for a high degree of project customization.