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Life is wonderful in Battle River. With safe, welcoming communities and a natural landscape, the region is full of modern amenities and local support. What’s more, Albertans enjoy the lowest personal taxes in the country.

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Living in Battle River means you have the luxury of choice. From small urban centers, to countryside and acreage living, there’s something for every lifestyle. Experience a sense of belonging, safety and security with plenty of space to breathe. With direct access to nature, you’ll enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Local Insights
  • 98% of businesses are small, community-run businesses
  • Our rural communities have lower crime rates than large urban centres
  • Our businesses believe in strong relationships, personal service and supporting our neighbours

Cost of Living

Living in one of Battle River’s communities, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, affordable standard of living. Alberta has lowest personal taxes in Canada and a single rate tax system, including the highest basic and spousal exemptions in the country.

Local Insights

Our low personal tax rate comes from several sources:

  • No Provincial Sales Tax
  • Low Property Taxes
  • Lowest Gasoline Tax Rate

Compared to Edmonton, Battle River’s largest urban centres (Wainwright and Camrose) ranked significantly lower in food, shelter and utility prices.
Source: The 2018 Alberta Spatial Price Survey (ASPS)


The Battle River region offers housing options that will fit your lifestyle and budget. These range from rentals to home purchase and new builds. Begin your housing search by contacting a local real estate service provider who can help you explore our housing market.

Local Insights
  • Housing is more affordably priced in Battle River than in other areas of the province.
  • A 1300 sq ft, 20-year-old bungalow will cost $370-389k in most Battle River communities, compared to an average house price in Alberta of $500k.*
    *Based on August 2022 listings

Public Services

There is an impressive range of modern infrastructure in Battle River. This includes health care, protective and emergency services, utilities, and transportation with proximity to an international airport.

Local Insights
  • 6 major health facilities serving Battle River communities
  • Ambulance and paramedic services in all communities
  • Policing and fire services throughout the region
  • 5 power delivery companies and 7 telecommunications companies
  • Many denominations are represented at churches throughout the region
Health Care & Emergency Services

Alberta Health Services is a publicly funded health system that provides universal access for all Albertans. This ensures Albertans have the healthcare they need, and employers have lower overall health costs and improved productivity.

Police & Fire Protection

Our region is served by municipal and federal protective services. Policing services are mostly provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with City Police Service in that community. Successful collaborations throughout the region protect residents and businesses in case of fire or emergencies. The East Central 911 Call Answer Society provides dispatch services.

Utilities & Transportation

Battle River’s infrastructure ensures your access to quality power, hydro and transportation. Most residents have a choice of which power delivery companies to use. There are also a wide range of high speed internet service providers.

The Battle River region has extensive transportation options. These include well-maintained highways, trucking companies, railways and close proximity to a major international airport.

BRAED Transportation Map

Tourism & Recreation

The Battle River region has a variety of attractions for residents and visitors alike. You can visit major parks, lakes, arts and culture, accommodations, events, shopping and more. There are plenty of places in our region for you to stay and play.

Local Amenities
  • Campgrounds, hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts
  • Golf courses, parks, baseball & soccer fields, and swimming pools
  • Ice arenas and curling rinks
Seasonal Activities

Spring/Summer: hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, camping, and golf
Winter: cross-country & downhill skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snowshoeing

Tourism Organizations

GO East Regional Tourism Organization is the driving force for innovative and collaborative tourism marketing and development across East Central Alberta.

More local tourism resources include:

Tourism Camrose

Travel Alberta

Geography & Weather

The Battle River region lies within Alberta’s fertile and productive “breadbasket”. The region’s topography is exceptionally diverse. It includes flat plains and rolling hills, winding rivers and sparkling lakes, jagged hoodoo formations, and open skies.

The local weather offers something for everyone. Our seasonally warm summers are perfect for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts. Meanwhile our winters provide a chance for you to hit the local ski hills.

Local Insights
  • The region covers 26,298 square kilometers
  • Close proximity to the stunning Rocky Mountains
  • Average temperatures in summer: 21 °C (70 °F) to 28 °C (82 °F)
  • Average temperatures in January: −24 °C (−11 °F) to 0 °C (32 °F)
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