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Why choose the Battle River region for your future business site? From easy access to Canadian and international markets to low business taxes, the region offers an optimal environment to grow your business.

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Cost of Business

The Battle River region offers plenty of reasons for investment. A lower cost of business leads to greater profit and long-term, sustainable growth.

Local Insights
  • One of the lowest overall tax systems in Canada
  • No provincial sales tax
  • No capital, payroll, or machinery and equipment taxes


As agriculture is one of the region’s main industries, covering 9% of the province’s total output, land is a valuable resource. The Battle River region has plenty of land to be worked on or used for commercial and residential spaces.

Local Insights
  • Battle River includes over 2.8 million acres of croplands; 11% of Alberta’s total crops
  • Our main outputs are wheat, canola, dry field peas, alfalfa and oats


Fully functioning and up-to-date infrastructure are paramount to a region’s success and its residents’ happiness. The Battle River region features a variety of electricity and natural gas providers, fully functional highway and rail systems, and close access to an international airport.

Local Insights
  • Our network of highways and rail systems easily connect the region and beyond
  • Highway 36 and Highway 41 are high- and wide-load corridors


An educated population is a productive population and fosters fresh culture, community-building, and innovation. There are many post-secondary options to choose from in the region, such as the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose.

Local Insights
  • Over 15.8% of residents hold a trades diploma
  • 59% of the local population holds a post-secondary qualification
  • Post-secondary qualification holders are on the rise; up 16.8% between 2011 and 2016

Cost of Living

Being able to work and live in the same area means a population that is stable and established. Keeping the cost of living down also helps build a diverse and more interesting community.

Local Insights
  • Housing in the region is more affordably priced than the rest of the province
  • A 1300 sq ft, 20-year-old bungalow is 26% less than the average house price in Alberta

Labour Market

The Battle River region benefits from a youthful, educated population that is willing and able to contribute to the workforce. Almost half of the region’s workforce are employed by the agriculture, trade, construction, or healthcare and social assistance industries.

Local Insights
  • The current 4.9% unemployment rate is among the lowest in Alberta
  • We benefit from increased employment opportunities, such as 20% in healthcare and social assistance and 29% in manufacturing
  • Three sectors lead in increased occupational demand until 2025: energy, office administration, and skilled hospitality staff
Wage Rates

In 2021, salaries for workers in the finance sector, construction, utilities, and business and building support are higher than the provincial averages. Many other professions in the region have competitive pay scales.

Services & Utilities

Residents of the Battle River area have access to a range of utility and service options.


After the deregulation of the power industry in Alberta in 2001, customers have a choice of which power delivery companies they would like to work with. Our region’s main electricity producers are ATCO Electric, Epcor, and Camrose Energy.


Good quality broadband services are important for living and working. Alberta SuperNet connects public institutions across the province to a broadband network for internet and other services.

The region has a range of major internet service providers, including Bell Mobility, Shaw, Telus, and more. Several communities are also developing their own telecommunication solutions.

Transportation Systems

The Battle River region has extensive, well-integrated infrastructure. Through a variety of transportation services, goods are efficiently transported throughout the region.


The BRAED region features a connected network of well-maintained principle highways bisecting north-south and east-west, and paved secondary roads.

BRAED Transportation Map
Air Service

Edmonton International Airport serves the region for major passenger and freight service with access to 11 airlines that offer freight capacity, rapid customs, and unlimited 24/7 operations. There are also a number of municipality airports and airstrips for private, emergency and corporate use.


Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railway provide daily freight service with interchanges at many points throughout the region. The Battle River Railway is a new generation cooperative shortline railway operating from Alliance to the Camrose area. Its three core services are tourism, storage, & commodity transportation.

Trucking/Freight Moving/Courier

A variety of trucking firms and courier service companies operate in the Battle River region.

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