Start with the right training

Our region is dedicated to upgrading skills that will improve the knowledge and performance of today’s workforce. Take a look through this collection of resources we’ve compiled to get you started.

Foreman explaining blueprint to tradesmen at construction site, highlighting employment training opportunities through BRAED

Post-Secondary Education

The presence of several well respected post-secondary educational institutions is a vital asset in the Battle River region. They are here to enhance your skillset and further your career opportunities. Visit these school links for more information.

Training Organizations

The Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) provides and promotes professional development, training, customized support and networking opportunities for adults in the BRAED region. Locations within our region include:

a worker at a desk typing on a laptop highlighting BRAED online and employment training services

Start your job search

Once you have the education and training you need, begin searching for career opportunities that suit your skills.