A robust business landscape

The Battle River region’s economy is diverse and growing strong. We have a well-educated and highly motivated workforce, as well as solid infrastructure in utilities and transportation. Explore available land and real estate in the area. We want to help you align your investments and identify strong partnership opportunities.

hay bales in a field in alberta


wheat in a field against a blue sky

A diverse set of crops, plenty of workable land, and an industry that supports 50% of the area’s workforce.

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canadian flag against a blue sky

Wainwright Garrison is one of the busiest Army bases in Canada. And the preferred training ground for field force units in all of Western Canada.

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oil pump agricultural equipment in a field against a sunset in the battle river region

Businesses in the ever-evolving energy sector positioning themselves as vital suppliers, while remaining competitive and environmentally-aware.

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town centre clock in Wainwright in the middle of the road with buildings on either side

Natural spaces with plenty of room for outdoor activities year-round. Explore our rivers and lakes, go to an outdoor festival, or visit an indigenous archaeological site.

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Vital industries

In the Battle River area, we’re focused on four main work sectors we believe have the greatest potential for investment.

Secondary growth prospects

In addition to tourism, energy, defence, and agriculture, a variety of other economic and employment sectors are also flourishing in the Battle River region.

Real Estate

The Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) represents ten regional real estate boards and associations throughout the province. The Battle River region Member Board is the Central Alberta Realtors® Association. Membership currently includes more than 650 real estate brokers and agents working across Central Alberta.

The Battle River region currently benefits from 48% increased employment opportunities in the real estate sector.

Available Land

The Battle River region has plenty of commercial lots, industrial spaces, and development opportunities.

The communities below have some great developmental opportunities in the Battle River region:

Business in Battle River

Understanding the varied economic environment in the Battle River area will help you decide where to put your time and/or money as an investor or business owner. There are significant companies in the region in almost every industry with room for growth, diversification, and collaboration.

To learn more about the major employers in the Battle River region, please visit each community’s page.

Business Statistics

In 2021, there were more than 2,427 businesses after a 3.79% decline during the pandemic.

  • Small businesses accounted for 98% of businesses in the region
  • Agriculture related businesses accounted for 15% of businesses
  • Construction accounts for 12%
  • Retail trade is 11%

Data source: BRAED Regional Dashboard, Government of Alberta