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Welcome to Bittern Lake

Bittern Lake is a village located in the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) region. BRAED is a partnership of communities in East Central Alberta whose purpose is to address community economic development issues from a regional perspective. Bittern Lake is located in the County of Camrose and boasts a vibrant economy with agriculture, manufacturers, tourism and retail services as important economic drivers. A well-developed transportation network including road and rail serves the needs of the region. Other regional attributes include access to training and postsecondary education facilities and advanced health care services.

The Bittern Lake Economy

The region boasts a vibrant economy with agriculture, manufacturers, tourism and retail services as important economic drivers.

Labour Snapshot

Totals %
In the labour force 105 63.60%
Participation rate 63.60%
Unemployment rate 14.30%
Management occupations 20 18.18%
Business, finance and administration occupations 20 18.18%
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations 0 0.00%
Health occupations 10 9.09%
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services 0 0.00%
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport 0 0.00%
Sales and service occupations 0 0.00%
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations 40 36.36%
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations 10 9.09%
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities 10 9.09%
Oil and Gas

Bittern Lake is advantageously located for oil and gas industry transportation and servicing with proximity to a highly educated and skilled Greater Edmonton area workforce. The region’s oil fields are easily accessible from Bittern Lake along Highway 13, which runs through the village. The Village also offers businesses with moderate land prices, access to multiple industrial development


Agriculture in the area is a major economic sector and the diversity in the region ranges from grain and specialty crops to domestic and specialty livestock. The area produces crops such as canola, wheat, oats, barley, rye, flax and now field peas, legumes and sunflowers. Livestock is also a vital part of this industry as the region features improved pastures to support larger herds of dairy and beef cattle.


We are located on Highway 13, less than 20 minutes from Camrose and only an hour from Edmonton. Our region is suitable for mixed use agriculture and we are committed to providing residents and business with opportunities for sustainable growth. Housing is moderately priced, we offer lower land costs and lower tax rates than many areas and provide an excellent infrastructure for business development.


We are located on Highway 13 between the Cities of Camrose and Wetaskiwin. The Village is approximately seven kms west of the Highway 13 and 21 junction and is near the Highway 36 High Load Corridor. The drive to the City of Edmonton takes about one hour. The community is served by the Camrose Airport with the nearest commercial and air freight services available at Edmonton International Airport.

Business Taxes

The non-residential municipal tax rate in Bittern Lake is: 8.8830
Alberta general corporate tax rate: 12%
Alberta small business tax rate: 2%
Annual Business Limit (ABL)/Small Business Threshold: $500,000
Canadian general corporate tax rate: 15%
Canada small business tax rate: 10%
Canadian Small Business Threshold: $500,000
Business Directory

Making Bittern Lake Home

Totals %
Population 220
Median age of the population 40
Total number of census families in private households 65
Total number of private households by tenure 85
Owner 75 88.24%
Renter 10 11.76%
Average value of dwellings ($) $300,182
Residential municipal tax rate 7.5670%

There is a variety of housing options on and around Bittern Lake. When Searching for a house in Bittern Lake. You will notice that our friendly, active community also features very affordable housing options compared to urban centres.

Education is a vital part of our community. Bittern Lake schools are part of the Battle River School Division.

According to the 2016 Statistics Canada Census on Education, 40% of Bittern Lake residents have a Postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree. Nearby post-secondary and training options include:


We are proud of our community as a place to live, play and prosper. Bittern Lake is a wild life
reserve that can be accessed by a walking trail, which boasts birds and other wildlife.

The Bittern Lake Community Hall is perfect for all your special events, meetings, dances, and much more! Recent upgrades have improved the functionality of the hall including the downstairs kitchen.

Contact Bittern Lake

Bittern Lake
P.O. Box 5, 300 Railway Avenue
Bittern Lake, AB, T0C 0L0
Phone: (780) 672-7373
Fax: (780) 679-2353