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Welcome to Coronation

The Town of Coronation is located in the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) region. Coronation is the largest community within the County of Paintearth. Our Town was established as a key stop for the railroad, providing services for much of the area. Today, we no longer have the railroad but still have the rich pioneer spirit that built the province of Alberta as we know it. The economy of Coronation is based in agriculture and the rich natural resources of the area. The discovery of oil and natural gas in the 1950’s helped to boost the economy of the region and continues to drive the growth in the community and surrounding area.

The Coronation Economy

The Town of Coronation serves as a major service center for the surrounding area. The main
economic base of the region is agriculture – e.g. cattle, feedlots, hogs, grain – along with oil and gas. As a result, there are a large number of businesses in Coronation that service the agriculture and oil sectors.

Labour Snapshot

Totals %
In the labour force 480 64.40%
Participation rate 64.40%
Unemployment rate 10.40%
Management occupations 30 6.32%
Business, finance and administration occupations 60 12.63%
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations 20 4.21%
Health occupations 60 12.63%
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services 25 5.26%
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport 0 0.00%
Sales and service occupations 85 17.89%
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations 115 24.21%
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations 60 12.63%
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities 20 4.21%
Oil and Gas

Reasonable land costs, developed infrastructure, a large labour force and direct access to markets in the oil and gas industry make Coronation a wise choice for investment and opportunity in the oil and gas industry. Coronation is strategically located in proximity to both Calgary and Edmonton and near the South Athabasca Oil Sands area, which has a projected production of over 3.4M barrels of oil per day.


Coronation was built on agriculture and the rich natural resources of the area and today it continues to be one of biggest sectors in the region. Crops in the region include coarse grains such as wheat, oats, barley, canola and other oil seeds. The high amount of regional sunshine makes this an ideal location for greenhouse operations. We are also home to a large number of cattle, dairy, hog and poultry farms.


Coronation has an innovative and vibrant manufacturing sector for items such as agricultural implements, refuse containers, garments for the oil and gas industry, truck parts and accessories, and specialized equipment for the heavy oil industry, etc. The Town and surrounding area boast a number of highly qualified and innovative welders undertaking custom steel fabrication and manufacturing.


Coronation is located along the junction of Highways 12 and 872 in the heart of East Central Alberta. The Town is adjacent to the High Load Corridor. Coronation Airport is located 1.5 kilometers south of the town and has an asphalt base runway. The nearest commercial and air freight service is at Edmonton International Airport.

Business Taxes

The non-residential municipal tax rate in Coronation is: 20.7986
Alberta general corporate tax rate: 12%
Alberta small business tax rate: 2%
Annual Business Limit (ABL)/Small Business Threshold: $500,000
Canadian general corporate tax rate: 15%
Canada small business tax rate: 10%
Canadian Small Business Threshold: $500,000
Business Directory

Making Coronation Home

Totals %
Population 940
Median age of the population 44
Total number of census families in private households 250 0
Total number of private households by tenure 405
Owner 325 80.25%
Renter 80 19.75%
Average value of dwellings ($) $173,484
Average income $ $48,673
Average household total income $ $87,369
Residential municipal tax rate 14.0254%

There is a variety of housing options on and around the Town of Coronation. When Searching for a house in Coronation you will notice that our friendly, active community also features very affordable housing options compared to urban centres.

Education is a vital part of our community. Coronation School is a K-12 school. They have 293 students from ECS to Grade 12 attending Coronation School in 2018/2019. There are 140 elementary students, 73 junior high school and 80 high school students. The Coronation School will endeavor to provide the best education possible, addressing the unique needs and characteristics of the young adolescent.

According to the 2016 Statistics Canada Census on Education, almost 50% of Coronation residents have a Postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree. Nearby post-secondary and training options include:

Coronation can meet all of your recreation needs. Everything from swimming to curling is
available in this beautiful town. The people of Coronation never run out of fun and exciting
activities to participate in. Some of our recreational programs include:

  • Minor Hockey
  • Adult Rec. Hockey
  • Minor Baseball & Softball
  • Adult Softball
  • Adult Group Fitness
  • Community Gym
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Aquacises

Contact Coronation

The Town of Coronation
P.O. Box 219
5015 Victoria Ave
Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0
Phone: 403-578-3679
Fax: 403-578-3020