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Welcome to Wainwright

The Town of Wainwright is located in the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) region. Wainwright is hard working, community-minded, family-first and recreation master planned. We value what it means to be free. Living the good life in Wainwright means local full service health care and educational infrastructure, an atmospheric Main Street, advanced recreational amenities and cultural celebration in our many annual events. We are the major service center for the Battle River valley with a historically stable economy and steady growth.

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The Wainwright Economy

The major economic activities in the area include agriculture, oil and gas production and distribution, the Canadian Forces Base Wainwright (CFB Wainwright), and associated support services.

Wainwright is located at the intersection of Highways 14 (east-west, no load limit) and 41 (north-south, no load limit). The Town is roughly half way between Edmonton and Saskatoon – two of Canada’s fastest growing cities – on Highway 14/40. Highway 41, the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor provides market access to the oil sands in northern Alberta. Wainwright is also the major retail and service center in the East Central region serving an extended area of approximately 40,000.

Labour Snapshot

Totals %
In the labour force 3,610 74.40%
Participation rate 74.40%
Unemployment rate 6.50%
Management occupations 410 11.47%
Business, finance and administration occupations 380 10.63%
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations 110 3.08%
Health occupations 240 6.71%
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services 400 11.19%
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport 45 1.26%
Sales and service occupations 915 25.59%
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations 715 20.00%
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations 250 6.99%
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities 110 3.08%
Oil and Gas

Highway 41, which is a main corridor to the oil and gas fields in northeastern Alberta, runs through Wainwright. In addition, the High Load Corridor – Highway 14 – for major oil development products, also runs through the town. Reasonable land costs, developed infrastructure, a large labour force and direct access to markets make Wainwright a wise choice for investment and opportunity in the oil and gas industry.


Agriculture is the primary regional industry in Wainwright. Wainwright has become a strong and effective service center with support by grain elevators, machinery agents, farm supply distributors, veterinary and government services. Livestock is also vital, with increased activity in the rearing of hogs in ultra-modern facilities, and improved pastures to support larger herds of dairy and beef cattle.


CFB Wainwright, is one of the busiest Army bases in Canada. It is home to the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre and the 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre, and it is the preferred training ground for the Army’s field force units based in Edmonton. The military population averages between 500 and 1,000 members and contributes to the local economy with estimated local spending impacts (Direct & Indirect) of $68,407,000. The operations of the base provide many opportunities to serve the base’s procurement needs.


Wainwright is the major service center for the region. The town is located at the junction of primary Highways 14 and 41. The Wainwright Municipal Airport has all weather facilities and night service. The nearest commercial air service is in Lloydminster, 101 kilometers northeast. Wainwright is served by the Canadian National Railways TransCanada Main Line. Passenger service is available with VIA Rail.

Business Taxes

The total non-residential municipal tax rate in Wainwright is: 13.2214
Alberta general corporate tax rate: 12%
Alberta small business tax rate: 2%
Annual Business Limit (ABL)/Small Business Threshold: $500,000
Canadian general corporate tax rate: 15%
Canada’ small business tax rate: 10%

Economic Development

Wainwright Economic Development is pleased to provide free confidential assistance to all businesses.  Economic Development should be contacted to:

  • Expand, relocate or establish a new business in Wainwright and area
  • Provide assistance in searching for available land or buildings
  • For economic, statistical and market information
  • Tourism inquiries
  • General business information

Economic Statistics

Business Directory

Making Wainwright Home

Totals %
Population 6,270
Median age of the population 37.5
Total number of census families in private households 1,695 0
Total number of private households by tenure 2,525
Owner 1,780 70.50%
Renter 745 29.50%
Average value of dwellings ($) $282,557
Residential municipal tax rate 6.3143%

There is a variety of housing options on and around the Town of Wainwright. When Searching for a house in Wainwright you will notice that our friendly, active community also features very affordable housing options compared to larger urban centres. There are a number of Real Estate Listings the Wainwright website.

Wainwright offers excellent educational facilities from preschool services through to adult learning and advanced educational studies.

According to the 2016 Statistics Canada Census on Education, 50% of Wainwright residents have a Postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree. Nearby post-secondary and training options include:

Recreational facilities and opportunities are an important part of living in the Town of Wainwright. Wainwright has a wide range [over 50] of local sports clubs and community organizations to suit the residents’ needs, from minor hockey and baseball to Girl Guides/Scouts and the Royal Canadian Legion. Recreational facilities include:

Contact Wainwright

Town of Wainwright
1018 2nd Avenue
Wainwright, AB T9W 1R1
Phone: (780) 842-3381